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Terms & Conditions

As with any travel, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that gives full cancellation cover.  We must receive all cancellations in writing to avoid any errors.  This can be done by e-mail, letter or fax.  We will then confirm the cancellation back to you.
Also note that any arrangements made and subsequently cancelled or amended with third party companies (e.g. tours, excursions, flights) will incur the cancellation and amendment policy of that third party company.
Please note that if payment is not received on time we reserve the right to release your booking regardless of any payment already received.  We will make every effort to contact you prior to taking this course of action and will remind you of any payments due.
Payment and Confirmation:
1. Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of a 20% non-returnable deposit.
2. The final payment is due 6 weeks prior to arrival.
3. On confirmation of your booking a Pro-Forma Invoice will be sent to the named person.
4. A final Payment Invoice will be sent to the named person 60 days before arrival.
5. Payment may be made by Credit Transfer into our UK Bank or our Moroccan account.  

Note: We do not accept Credit Card payments
6. Currency: Our rates are published in Euros (€).  If paying in a different currency an exchange rate will be agreed at the time of paying the deposit any subsequent payments will reflect market rates at the time.
Note: This can be renegotiated by both parties in the case of extreme currency fluctuations
Force Majeure:
We act on the advice given by our government and the government of your home country.  If flights are grounded because of war or terrorism or you are advised by your government that it is unsafe to travel, we will do all we can to make it easy for you to postpone your booking arrangements.  We will not impose any cancellation penalties if government advice means that it is unsafe to travel.
For the avoidance of doubt “the company” will not be liable for any loss or injury outside its control suffered by the client.  The client must obtain suitable insurance to cover any eventuality and/or activity undertaken whilst in Morocco and/or any other North African country and/or whilst travelling to and from Morocco and/or any North African country.
Changes and Cancellations by “the Company”: Mistral Travel sarl
“The company” reserves the right to alter or cancel the whole or part of any booking. “The company” will advise the client of any changes or cancellations as soon as reasonably possible.  Different terms apply depending on whether the proposed changes are minor or substantial.  If the proposed changes are minor, “the company” will make alternative, comparable arrangements at no cost to the client, who will accept such alternative arrangements.
If the changes are, in the opinion of “the company” substantial, then “the company” may offer alternative arrangements to the client, but the client shall not be obliged to accept such alternative arrangements.  If no such alternative arrangements are offered, or the client does not accept any such offered alternative arrangements, then the client may reject the booking within 14 days of notification to the client of the relevant change(s) and “the company” will cancel the booking.  If the client rejects the booking, all monies paid by the client by the date of cancellation will be repaid less “the company’s” reasonable expenses in respect of the booking if the change or cancellation results from any of the force majeure events set out above.
Under no circumstances will “the company” be liable to the client for any financial recompense in the event of a change (whether material or otherwise) which does not lead to a cancellation. “The company’s” liability in the event of cancellation shall be limited to a refund of monies as provided above. “The company” will not be liable for any cancellation, which results from the clients default.
Quotations:   Quotations are limited to three months only. “The company” reserves the right to change and/or amend the quoted price as circumstances demand.  In the event of a change to the quoted price due to circumstances outside the control of “the company” or due to unforeseen circumstances “the company” will give the client notice in good time as to whether to accept the change, renegotiate a new quotation or cancel the booking, subject to the cancellation conditions set out.
Without Prejudice:  Without prejudice to the provisions set out above relating to cancellation “the company” reserves the right to cancel the booking of any such person or persons who in the opinion of “the company” behaves in such a way as to compromise the health, safety, comfort and/or well being of either other such person or persons and/or Mistral Travel sarl staff or its sub contractors.  In such circumstances the management’s decision is final as to what constitutes compromising and/or objectionable behaviour.  Further in the event of such person or persons having their booking cancelled for the above reasons “the company” shall not be obligated to make any refund of monies to the client and/or clients.  Further, the client and/or clients shall indemnify “the company” (for itself and on behalf of its agents and employees) against any loss, damage or harm.

"The company" reserves the right to impose surcharges if currencies move against the published price of the tour/holiday or the price of transport fuel is subject to an increase. Clients will be forewarned of these increases before arrival.
Revised June 2012

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